Saturday 7 July

Today began with a final lovely walk to the nearby small harbour of Ervallagh, where, although there was cloud cover, the temperature was benign and the views once again glorious.  En route we passed someone having their breakfast.

When we returned to the house, we had our own very traditional Irish breakfast, cooked by Chef Noelle.  It was delicious.

We then headed back to Dublin via Galway, arriving in time to watch England qualify for the semi-finals of the World Cup!  A good day!

Tomorrow will be our final post as we return to Rome in the afternoon.  We will join the Abbey House community once again for Mass and coffee and Jane will plant a rose in front of the grave of her grandaunt, Sister Claude.

We leave you for today with two pictures from the garden of the Burkart family house where we enjoyed, with enormous gratitude, both unstinting hospitality and the glories of the Connemara coast.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 7 July”

  1. Ahh sausages and rashers, she makes a mean Irish breakfast. “Mean” in my context can mean great. And there is nothing like that part of the green island. Your journey seemed really short but packed with good experiences and fond memories I’m sure. Thank you for the pictures and the stories that went with them. It’s a really good thing you’ve done these days. Blessings.


  2. Thanks Jane and Noelle. Your trip is already part of the history, Irish breakfast included! It will continue…


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