Friday 6 July

Today was a day of rest, when we enjoyed the sunshine and beauty of Connemara.  We started the day with  a 9km walk around Goirtín Headland and enjoyed the beauty surrounding us,   the extraordinary flora and rock formations, animal life small and big,  and the normally wild Atlantic, that today calmly shimmered in a mirror of shades of  blue and turquoise.



Following our visit to  the craft centre in the fishing village of Roundstone, our day was complete when we watched a Galway Hooker come into the harbour.  Tomorrow we return to Dublin, and will publish our last post before we return to Rome on Sunday.

   Laudato Si



4 thoughts on “Friday 6 July”

  1. It all looks quite glorious. It was a beautiful way to spend your last day. Must be a good sign that the weather paved the way to brilliant and moving moments. 9kms quite impressive. And no mention of any soccer/football matches. Very serious business! I found the Hare and the magnificent scenery was worth the last day wait. Special blessings on your journey back to Dublin.


  2. Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous! The place and the peace that we can feel from the pictures. The end is closer and closer; surely this trip has its similitude with our journey CJ/IBVM.
    Once again we can repeat: never do alone what we can do better together😜


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